Ep. 37 – The Catechism Cast – A Brief History of the Heidelberg Catechism


Cary gives you an update and introduces a new rotating series.

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  1. Martin Geertsema says:

    Catechism is fine but what’s wrong with just studying straight from the Bible being that a lot of so called Christians never pick it up to begin with. I grew up in C.G.C.r.c. went through the Heidelberg Catechism but if John 1:1 says the Word is Jesus in flesh why study a stand by and not the Bible itself. I mean I’ve read through the bible cover to cover 4 times simply to know the God I’m worshipping ….The C.R.C. puts such a strong emphasis on the H.C. but not on God’s word?My relationship is w/ Jesus & not with John Calvin.

    1. carygephart says:

      Hey Martin,

      I absolutely agree with you. Christians should be encouraged first and foremost to study the Word of God. I believe that if a catechism is used properly it should not function as a replacement of the scriptures (a stand by as you called it) but should drive us to the scriptures to study more deeply the divine truth found in it. During the Reformation when so many people were ignorant of the scriptures that is exactly what the writers of the Heidelberg Catechism intended! In regards to the CRC I happen to think the opposite as you. I believe the CRC is entering a time now where the Catechism and Confessions are being underemphasized and the reformed identity of our denomination is being threatened. This is reason our forefathers believed Catechism preaching in the evening service was so vital. Because it not only kept before the people of God the Bible but also those truths which we believed were our only comfort. Finally you will find no disagreement with me concerning inappropriately idolizing prominent Reformation figures and theologians. Jesus is our Lord and Savior, no one else.

  2. Martin Geertsema says:

    You left me w/ no argument sir….great come back.

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