Sharing Our Faith – Are We Taking It Seriously?

Sharing our faith–are we taking it seriously? Are we doing this right? What is evangelism supposed to look like? Is there one right way of doing it? Are there wrong ways of doing it? Is it a spiritual gift for some but not others? Is it a calling on missionaries’ and pastors’ lives but not on others? Sharing our faith–are we taking it seriously?

Lately, I have found myself enjoying debates on YouTube between well known scholars on the existence of God (like this). This ultimately led me to videos on open-air preachers like Todd Friel and Ray Comfort. Needless to say, these experiences have caused me to realize: these men have a very direct and indiscreet approach to evangelism. Though they may appear offensive to some, the truth is their convictions run deeper than mine.

Why are they out on the front lines? Why are they confronting the lies and deceitfulness of atheism? Why are they out speaking to complete and total strangers? Why are they facing persecution in the form of mockery from the likes of the late Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins? Why are they facing judgement and hatred from random strangers on the street who are offended by their preaching of the reality of hell (including some “Christians”)?

It is not because they are bigoted lunatics. It is not because they have hatred in their hearts toward all unbelievers. It is not because they enjoy mockery and attention.

It is because they believe in the gospel.

These men believe in the inerrancy of God’s Word. They have a deep belief (a conviction) that the bible is God’s unchanging truth. There is no point in arguing it; the facts are the facts. God said what He said and it is our job to believe in it and to live our lives accordingly.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “That is exactly how I believe. I believe in the bible. I believe it is God’s holy Word. So how are these street preachers and apologists any different from me?”

Think about this with me for one moment: If we, as Christians, believe in scripture and we believe that it truly is a living, active spoken word from God, that it is not only for inspiration and devotion but acts also as instruction and conviction, how do our lives reflect that? If we believe that all that God has revealed to us about Himself can be found in the pages of the bible, how are we living in light of that? When it comes to the area of evangelism and sharing our faith, I worry that we are falling short in a major way. I believe when it comes to the commandment to “go and make disciples,” we have dropped the ball.

Let me bring this into perspective. Based on God’s word, we are all sinners, breakers of the Law, guilty before a Just Judge and titled “children of wrath.” According to the ten commandments, we are law breakers! I am sure most of us would admit to lying at some point in our lives and that without an intervention, we are doomed to hell on judgment day. We know that the only way to escape from this imminent judgment and righteous wrath is to put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came and died for our sins so we could receive mercy and grace.

“God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” 2 Corinthians 5:21.

But wait…how many people have I shared the gospel with in the last year?

How about two years? Five years? How many people have you shared your faith with?

Do we feel the urgency of the gospel? Do we know when God will call someone home? Are we taking every opportunity we are given to share the good news? Do we understand the weight of eternity? Do we understand that nothing could possibly be more important than the destination of our souls in eternity? Approximately 155,000 people die every day and many of them may not have known Christ as their Savior!

This is not about whether you shine your light through your lifestyle (Romans 10:14-15), whether you love people, whether Jesus said, “thou shalt not judge” (this excuse is taken “straight outta context”), or whether you want to wait until you build a relationship with someone before you share (what happens if they die during this process?).

This is about whether we believe in what the bible teaches us and if we allow it to affect our lives in a major way.

Picture this: someone you love is sitting inside a burning building, oblivious to the peril they are soon to experience. If you do not help them out of this burning building, do you really love them?

If this same person were boarding a sinking ship and you did nothing to stop them, did you really love them?

Do we need to live christian lives and reach out in love by helping those in need and loving the lost and lonely? Can we show others Christ through the way we live? Is it okay to have a fish bumper sticker and wear christian shirts? Yes, of course. However, we need to stop being so scared about offending others and start telling them the honest truth.

All have sinned and sin has condemned all before a holy, righteous and wrathful Judge. There is no such thing as a ‘good person’; the curse of sin has corrupted our hearts, making us wicked and self-deceiving. The only way to come to the Father and spend eternity with Him is through the only way the Father has made for us: acceptance of Jesus Christ as the ultimate sacrifice by trusting in Him and the work He has done.

When you look at someone and feel the burden of speaking the gospel to them yet you ignore the moving of the Spirit for fear of offending them, you are acting selfishly.

What you are essentially saying is your personal feelings and your acceptance by others matters more than whether people will spend eternity in hell or not.

I have been guilty of this crime for far too long! So today, I cry out to God and pray that my convictions will begin to run deeper for the souls of those I encounter on a daily basis. I pray you will pray for the same thing.

What is our faith if we do not share it? Do we truly believe in the gospel if we are not willing to warn the world of the coming judgment and of the loving God who made a way for us to escape it? Sharing our faith–are we taking it seriously?

I say we need some new soldiers on the front lines.

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